The Democrat Iowa Caucuses Are Only a Few Days Away

Clinton, Obama, Edwards are the Democrat Front-runners

What do the Stars Say for the Big Three? 

We’ve put together some astrological predictions for the Democrat front runners of the 2008 Race. Enjoy!

First up is Barack Obama.

Barack Obama

The second important connection between Obama’s and America’s horoscopes is that his Uranus is exactly opposite the U.S. Moon. The Moon symbolizes the American mood, its national security needs, and popular opinions.

The U.S. Moon in Aquarius represents America’s multicultural population, its hunger for news, and its sense of justice and fair play. In the last 50 years or so, no president has ever been elected without a close connection to the U.S. Moon. This trend has been described in an article I wrote for Horoscope magazine (see U.S. Presidents)

For this reason, John Edwards cannot be seriously considered as the Democratic Party’s nominee. While he has good connections to the U.S. Sun and Mars, neither his natal chart nor his progressed chart shows any planets or angles at 25º, which would connect him to the U.S. Moon and the public mood.

However, his progressed Jupiter is conjunct his Sun during the entire campaign cycle, which brings him the financial backing and political influence to make him a contender. If the Democrats do nominate him, they will lose the general election because he doesn’t have the critical connection to the U.S. Moon.

Obama’s Uranus to the U.S. Moon electrifies people, bringing an aura of excitement and dramatic change to the political arena. What makes this connection so strong right now is that Obama’s progressed Venus is forming a conjunction with natal Uranus (exact on May 13, 2007).

A well-placed Venus, and especially when Uranus is involved, brings tremendous popularity. As this aspect wanes in power, one might expect the excitement around Obama to wane as well.

However, in 2008, his progressed Ascendant will be forming a trine to Uranus, and this one could carry him right through the election cycle. However, the progressed Ascendant is based on his exact birth time, so this is true if, and only if, he was born at 1:06 pm.

What about Hillary Clinton and John Edwards?  How will they fare, astrologically-speaking?

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Democrat Presidential Candidates: 2008  Astrological Predictions


Democrat Presidential Candidates: 2008  Astrological Predictions

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