Much has been made of government “investing” in green jobs.  The president has made it a major priority but thus far, it seems the programs are in the red as far as job creation goes.  Billions in loan guarantees have so far produced few permanent jobs.

While the goals of the loan program sound laudable, it seems that the results have be decidedly less so.

Congress is already investigating the Solyndra mess where a company received a loan guarantee for over a half a billion dollars from the taxpayers then promptly filed for bankruptcy pocketing the money. Making matters worse, it appears that federal laws may have been broken to ensure that investors got their money back instead of taxpayers.  Some of the investors were political contributors to the president.

Now, a new solar scandal is emerging.  Sunpower a troubled solar power company in California received a $1.2 billion loan guarantee as part of the $4 billion in loans pushed out before the Department of Energy loan program expired at the end of September. The loan was ostensibly to help spur the green energy industry and job creation in America but two weeks after receiving the loan the company sold out to a foreign company and is now planning to build a manufacturing facility in — Mexico.

The end result is that taxpayers are now on the hook to a foreign owned company for over a billion dollars and Mexico is getting new manufacturing jobs.

Conspicuously, Congressman George Miller (D-CA) and his son who is a lobbyist for Sunpower are in the middle of it all.

At a time when families are losing their homes, unemployment continues to soar, the nation’s infrastructure is crumbling and the federal deficit has grown to astounding proportions, it seems that a few well connected people are bilking the US taxpayers under the auspices of “green energy.”   Rather than helping people in need, they seem to be robbing them blind and telling them it’s a good thing.

Congress is investigating all of these loans. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of these outrageous revelations.  Whether one agrees with government spending to create an industry or not, the blatant bilking of taxpayers shouldn’t be a cost of doing business.

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