When there is a school shooting or a bomb threat, the obvious thing to do is evacuate the building and get everyone out, but what do you do when you find a body in the air conditioning duct on the school’s roof. This was the situation on Friday at the Sierra Vista Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona. The discovery was made after the cafeteria staff complained to school officials about a foul smell. A plumber went up to the roof to find the origin of the odor when he discovered the body inside the duct work of the air conditioner, according to the school district’s superintendent.

No one is sure how long the intruder had been up there or why he was up there, though identification of the body followed by an autopsy will likely solve some of those questions. The cafeteria was not opened on Friday after the discovery was made, raising questions about what effect, if any, a dead body on the roof would have in the preparation of school lunches. This didn’t matter on Friday, however, since the school’s 550 students ranging from preschoolers to eighth graders were dismissed after the discovery. This was not an evacuation, but many parents were on their way to retrieve their children anyway after seeing the local authorities and media show up at the school. The building is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday after the extended Memorial Day weekend. A psychologist will be available to students for those who have been affected by the discovery.

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