Hi! My name’s Jean Kim and I currently attend the University of Oregon. I hope my opinions and updates will be to your taste! It’s horribly cold outside, there is a rumor that it will drop to 20degrees outside during the night, and will not get much better tomorrow morning! However what seemed more biting to me was current news that people around campus and the rest of Oregon were petitioning for more stronger regulation, or all together a ban on immigration. There was even a suggestion that schools ban the teaching of any other language except English. I felt that this was a very ignorant protest, as if no one knows that our country is built upon immigrants! Working and establishing lives here that keep our land fertile. We are thought of as the freedom land, and it is written in history that as a nation we fought so hard to become this way, and now we want to start banning people from having the freedom to start a life here? The land that we advertise as being so full of opportunities? Not only is this contradicting everything our country stands for but it is also shutting out the very people who truly deserve to be here, the ones that are really looking for a better life, in a place that can give them the chance to better themselves.

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