Anyone that has been following the search for Haleigh Cummings is familiar with investigator William Cobra Staubs. Like so many people who have associated themselves with this case he has faced a great deal of adversity. For some reason this single case has brought out the absolute worst in a large number of people.

Cobra’s problems are not merely the internet comments being left of various web sites, but a much more serious legal issue that he faces in Putnam County. If found guilty in his December 14 trial he could well face some serious time behind bars.

He agreed to do a one on one interview with me, no holds barred. I should warn you that his language does get a little ripe in places, but this is the Cobra I know.

Essentially I wanted to cover two different areas, but highly connected. The first part of the interview was a discussion about the Bail Bond industry and how it works. It is a lot more complex than it first seems. Although I have talked to Cobra on many occasions this was the first time that I have had it explained to me in some detail. In understanding the dynamics of the industry it becomes easier to understand the dilemma that Cobra finds himself in.

The second part of the interview concerns his own court case. In typical Cobra fashion no punches are pulled! he tells it the way it is. He also names names, a move that I am sure will aggravate some in the bail bond industry.

At around the 30-35 minute mark in the recording he also makes an interesting allegation about a well known double Emmy award winning member of the press. If this is true, it really brings into question the integrity of the press.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Simon Barrett

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