“Celebrities Between the Sheets” , the new tell-all by former Hollywood party-girl Savannah Jahvall has readers buzzing.  Yesterday the author answered a few of my lingering questions.

JennS:  As I finished the book, and especially the last chapter, I still wondered how were you able to be so intimate with people who are so elusive to “main stream America”?  How did Dave Brown figure into this?  Can you elaborate on how you were able to live this exotic lifestyle for so many years?

     Savannah:  I was able to be intimate with (celebrities) by attending the parties at their houses, clubs and events.  If you are at the night clubs or hotels where they are and you and your girls look good, then they will approach you.  Dave had no role in this at all, he just would throw really good parties at the night clubs which a lot of celebrities attended. When I would show up, I would always go up to him and say hi and he would be standing there with a celebrity and he would introduce me to them. I  would end up getting the celebrity’s phone number on my own.  I did not do it professionally, it just seemed to happen because of the places where we would hang out.  (The celebs) would always be there and they would ask about me or just simply approach me and ask for my phone number. 

JennS:  Have you been contacted by any of the celebrities that you featured in the book?  

     Savannah:  No, I have not seen or heard from them in about 6 years.

JennS:  You mentioned that there were many more celebrities that you have been intimate with that were not in the book, can you tell me how many they were and any details or will there be a “Celebrities Between the Sheets #2”?

     Savannah:  I would say over 20 of them.  I am not sure if there will be a part two yet, maybe.

JennS:  You mentioned that your partying days are long over and now you are a happy wife & mother.  Has your husband read the book?

     Savannah:  He does not know about the book at all.

JennS:  How will you explain the book to your child if/when they read it and have questions?

     Savannah:  I will definitely be 100% honest and explain how it happened and why I did it.  As long as I explain to him to love someone for who they are and not what they are, I think he will be fine.

JennS:  In the book you get straight to the sex in every chapter which made it very hard to put down, in fact I didn’t and read it through.  It did make me wonder though how that worked in real life as everything moved so fast without any of the niceties that most people fantasize about like the flirting, steamy conversations, dinners, dates, etc.  Did you purposely leave off the “boring” stuff and get straight to the sex or are celebrities in real life just used to having the sex without having to do the “boring” stuff because they have so many people throwing themselves at them?

     Savannah:  I just wanted to tell readers briefly how I met the celebrities and then get to what the book was about, which was what it was like to be intimate with them.  Plus, I did not want it to be repetitive.

JennS:  Did you ever fall in love with one of your celebrities?

     Savannah:  No, they had so many women that I did not ever allow myself to fall in love with them.  I was just having a good time with them.

JennS:  Did one of the celebrities ever want to be exclusive with you?

     Savannah:  No.

JennS:   Now that you are a married woman and those days are long past, what is the one celebrity memory that you keep in your mental scrapbook that makes you the happiest to reminisce about?

     Savannah:  I would have to say the times when my friends and I would go over “Jay’s” house and hang out, that was always a fun time. Nothing specific, but I can sit back and reminisce about the times at his house. I definitely had a good time there.

JennS:  Besides the tips in the book, any other advice or things to avoid for other women who might also want to follow in your footsteps?

     Savannah:  If any women wants to try and have a serious relationship with a celebrity then my advice would be not to sleep with them for a while.

My thanks to Savannah Jahvall for being so candid.  To order Savannah book go to www.celebritiesbetweenthesheets.com


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