Not Only Will “Boys like Pearls” be Provided,
They’ll be “Refreshed”?!?

A new book is out on Pakistan and it might raise a few eyebrows–both in the United States and in Pakistan. “Naive and Abroad: Pakistan, Travel in a Land of Mullahs” just came out and Death by 1000 Papercuts had a chance to sit down (in the blogosphere sense) with author, Marcus Wilder. We recruited Noblesse Oblige’s Pakistan Powerhouse, Thanos, to join us in questioning the author on his travels and stays throughout Pakistan.

It proved to be both interesting and informative.

MONDOREB: Welcome Marcus to the Land of 1000 Papercuts!

MARCUS WILDER: Thank you for this opportunity.

MONDO: No problem. Let’s do it!

LITTLE BABY GINN: What place in your book would you most like to return to and why?

MW: Peshawar, without question. Peshawar is the most interesting city I have seen in a lifetime of travel. I saw Bali before the runways were lengthened to serve 707s. I saw Bangkok before the boom. I knew the
Mexico of the 1950s, the Madrid of the 1960s. Peshawar tops these and everywhere else I’ve been. Peshawar is a place to hang out.

THANOS: Which group is more feared in
Pakistan, The Taliban, or the ISI [The Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence] ?

MW: I do not think the peoples of the NWFP [Northwest Frontier Province] fear in the sense we know fear. A Pathan’s attitude is that HE is the one to be feared.

The ISI is by far most powerful WHERE THAT POWER CAN BE APPLIED but I did not sense the ISI is feared. In those societies, today’s enemy is tomorrow’s friend is the next day’s enemy. In the book I write that the Pathan’s loyalties shift with the mountain wind. The Gabby Afghan was an ISI agent, just doing his job.

[NOTE: The Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (also Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI) is the largest and most powerful intelligence service in Pakistan. It is one of the three main branches of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. From Wikipedia.]

MONDO: What comment on everyday life in Pakistan can you offer?

MW: I would use this opportunity to talk of the burkah. The purpose of the burkah is to prevent arousing uncontrollable urges
in passing men. Presumably, women cannot be expected to resist these uncontrollably urged men. In fairness, rape is common – burkah or no burkah.

To prove rape, a woman must have four male witnesses. Since the male witnesses are invariably the rapists, this defense tactic never works. If there are not four male witnesses to testify for her, the woman is blamed. She can be flogged. She can be stoned. At a minimum, her husband will beat her severely.

The burkah is not Islamic. Muslims adopted that custom from a primitive tribe they converted to Islam. The damage has been done.
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Interview with Marcus Wilder: Paradise Not Just 72 Virgins

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