“As I said a debt was paid.” Michael moved towards Paris and kneeled next to him. “My time to stay here grows short I must go home, but I must tell you this. This Alavar is a new plane, made to compensate for the loss of your home plane. Proto-Humans will prosper here, the magic level is high here. But I must warn you the progenitors of the species here are still at work.”

— From The Sunwright Chronicles by Kevin M. Villegas

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My ongoing series The Sunwright Chronicles is a culmination of fifteen years of creating a unique living world with a rich history. I am currently writing the third book in the series. Besides writing I enjoy computer gaming, reading, playing the guitar and watching the history and science channels. My favorite activity though, is hanging out with my awesome family.

My latest book is the fantasy, The Sunwright Chronicles: A New World.

Book Description:

The Sunwright Chronicles : A New World, takes place in the world called Alavar, the Sunwrights a mostly Magical family made up of Paris Sunwright, Suadela Sunwright, Calia Sunwright, Tobias & Jaedus Sunwright and last but not least Pershing Sunwright, have all arrived from a long but bitter stay from modern earth. Alavar is a fresh new world, so the Sunwrights are directed to stay away from the “creators as they work” young Jaedus Sunwright is discovered to be a “necromancer” the most powerful type of mage.

Paris Sunwright the patriarch of the family takes it upon himself to train her before she accidentally kills anyone in the family with her wild powers. Conflict ensues between Suadela, Paris’s wife and young Jaedus before Paris can take Jaedus away to be trained. We skip ahead in time and Jaedus is trained properly, The “Creators” are long done with their work and the Sunwrights decide to reside with the elves of the world. The Sunwrights help teach the Elves many things. It is not long before it is discovered there is a sickness amongst the elves, called the soul disease. Because of her special powers Jaedus Sunwright is the best fitted to help combat this disease, only a few elves succumb to the disease, one being the wife of the second most prominent Elf in the land.

Now we move forward, the Elves are prospering the soul disease is gone, the population boom for the Elves has produced several distinct tribes amongst them. A power struggle ensues, in which the first murder occurs in the land, leading to the breakup of the tribes into separate nations and the very real possibility of war.


Welcome to Blogger News Network, Kevin. Can we begin by having you tell us how you got started writing fantasy? Did the movies influence you? Books?

Kevin: Oh yes i was heavily influenced by The Lord of the Rings of course, I have historical non-ficition books that have influenced me, as well as writings from authors such as Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I started writing fantasy when I was 6, as i grew older the books got longer and more complex, up to today, I am not nearly done in my development as an author and I don’t think i ever will be. I am always striving to outdo myself.

I love the idea of creating new worlds. Can you tell us a little about Alavar?

Kevin: In my universe there are worlds or planes as they are called. There are three categories when it comes to magical powers of worlds none to little which would be earth. Mid Power, and Strong Power which would be Alavar. Alavar was created as a special gift to the Sunwrights for service done on Earth which we shall not go into now. Alavar was meant to be a haven for the Sunwrights, it is a High Magic World, in which humans, elves, trolls, gnolls, and maybe a dragon or two inhabit ;).

Can you tell us a little about the main characters of your book?

Kevin: The Sunwright Family is a complex family unit, held together by their patriach Paris Sunwright an immortal mage, he is joined at his side by his wife Suadela Sunwright, then they have their only child who is without the ability to cast magic Tobias Sunwright, the doctor of the family Calia Sunwright, the youngest Pershing Sunwright, and Tobias’ daughter Jaedus, who will be a main piece in this novel.

They say all books of fiction have at least one pivotal point when the reader just can’t put the book down. Can you give us one of those pivotal points in The Sunwright Chronicles: A New World?

Kevin:Yes when the soul disease hits the Elves and the eventual fallout and outcome of that plague.

Will there be a sequel? What’s next for you?

Kevin:Oh yes the sequel is already completed, once this novel has had it’s time in the limelight the second novel will be prepared and put up for sale most likely later this year :).

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