Creator/Writer/Artist of “The Infidel”
Featuring the Anti-Jihad Hero, Pigman

We get a chance to question the Eisner-nominated author, Bosch Fawstin about “The Infidel”, “Table for One”, Pigman and Other Happenings

We sat down with Bosch Fawstin, the creator/writer/artist behind the upcoming graphic novel, “The Infidel”.

“The Infidel” introduces a new kind of hero–an anti-Jihadi named Pigman. Pigman fights the forces of Jihad terror in America and wherever he finds it.

Bosch was kind enough to fill us in on some of the finer points concerning “The Infidel”, Pigman, his earlier graphic novel, “Table for One” and what’s happening in the life of a graphic novel creator who takes on the decidedly non-Politically Correct subject of fighting jihad.

PLACE: The DBKP Interview Room
WHO: Creator/writer/artist Boshch Fawstin, DBKP’s Mondoreb and Little Baby Ginn

MONDOREB: Hi Bosch and thanks for coming and giving us a chance to talk about “The Infidel”

BOSCH FAWSTIN: Hi Mondo, Ginn. Thank you very much for this opportunity to get the word out about The Infidel/Pigman.

MONDO: Great! Let’s get to it.

GINN: What specifically made you decide to get into the anti-jihad comics business? Were you thinking about it before 911 or did the events of 9/11 or the aftermath inspire you?

BOSCH FAWSTIN: For me, there’s before 9/11 and after 9/11 as a human being, as an American artist.

Whatever values I held prior to that day were amplified more than ever and I knew what I would be writing about for the foreseeable future. Being born into a Muslim family made the attack more personal and has added to my desire to create as strong an artistic counter-attack against The Enemy as I can create.

MONDO: Have you gotten any flak from the PC crowd on your themes? Anybody make any threats because of Pigman?

BOSCH FAWSTIN: I’ve gotten the typical thoughtless, emotion-filled responses that I expected, accusing me of being just as extreme as the terrorists.

It’s really an insane accusation that says more about the accuser than anything else.

In their desire to believe ‘Islam means PeaCe’ at all costs, they’ve avoided any and all readily available proof that it is Islam itself behind this jihad, and in place of attacking the truth, they attack the truth tellers.

What’s on the horizon for Fawstin?

And how did his earlier, Eisner Award-nominated graphic novel, “Table for One” do?

What the future hold for Pigman?

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DBKP Interview: Bosch Fawstin 


DBKP Interview: Bosch Fawstin

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