This was an interview that I have to admit I was greatly looking forward to. Author Wayne Vinson has created a wonderful thriller with Tax Collectors And Other Sinners. You can read my review here.

It is rare that you can turn the tables on the IRS and the dreaded Revenue Officers, but this was my one chance. Wayne spent 33 years working for the IRS, so this likely was one of the few times where he was the one answering the questions as opposed to asking them :).

As I said Tax Collectors and Other Sinners is a very entertaining novel, and I had a feeling that the author would be as entertaining as his writing. I was not disappointed! He is a man with a great wealth of stories. While the interview was about the book, we did manage to stray delightfully into some other areas. For example, the issues of keeping 53 acres of unruly and hilly land in check. Wayne suggests that the task is best accomplished prior to 10am. Apparently it gets too darn hot to sling the Weed Eater around after that!

He also shared the full story of the ‘Spray Paint’ episode. I had heard part of the tale, and he was kind enough to fill in the gaps. True stories are always better than fiction. Wayne found himself having to deal with a man who just did not agree with paying taxes. This battle had been waging for three or four years, it was time to confront the culprit. I will not spoil the story here, as Wayne tells it so much better. It is rare that I am at a loss for words, but this episode is right out of the movies. A screen writer would give his right arm for this story line!

It is clear that Wayne Vinson is well on his way as a writer. Tax Collectors And Other Sinners far exceeds the expectations from a first time author. A serial killer with his sights set on the IRS, what more could a reader ask for? Bobby Bain is just 13 when we meet him. Alas puberty is not like Acne, Acne tends to go away. Being a psychopath is a ‘gift’ that knows no bounds. Young Billy Bain seems like a normal likable kid, but he is not! In the interview Wayne does give some background to young Bobby. There are few that can ‘brag’ about being a 12 year old killer!

This without doubt is one of those interviews that it doesn’t matter if you want to buy the book, it is just worth listening to!

If you missed the live broadcast, you can catch the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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