Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with director Mike Austin and his wife Lisa to talk about their new TV series Cradle To The Grave. While it can be argued that the cable channels are awash with ‘reality TV’ and explorations into the world of the paranormal is hardly something new, you would be wrong. Cradle To The Grave is actually a very interesting concept that takes the subject in new directions.

The team of investigators are all women, two of them very well credentialed and educated nurses. Lisa Austin is a delivery nurse, as she puts it, “I help bring lives into the world”, her fellow investigator is a neonatal nurse “she helps keep that new life with us”.

It is an interesting dichotomy, at least to me, how can two ladies grounded in the ‘hard science’ of medicine reconcile their training with the ‘soft science’ of the paranormal? Lisa actually made a strong argument that there was no conflict. Medicine may be classed as a ‘hard science’, but it is a science that grows and evolves every single day. The paranormal is somewhat similar, a science in its infancy, a science waiting to be discovered.

One of the things that always bothers me about paranormal investigations is skew that seemed to be placed on what to many people seems dubious data. This is where Mike Austin enters the picture! He is a skeptic with both feet firmly on the ground. In talking to him I was left with the impression that he would not jeopardize his reputation as a film maker for ratings.

If there is nothing to find, then that is what we will report

The pilot program is in the can and discussions with some cable channels are underway. The pilot, for obvious reasons is ‘under wraps’. However there is a trailer ‘in the wild’.

The trailer itself deserves a mention, and it was one of the topics discussed in the interview. It was actually the trailer that get me interested in the Candle To The Grave project. A well done trailer leaves the viewer hungry for more, it teases, it torments, it is like walking into a homemade candy or cookie store that gives out small taster samples. You just have to have more!

Mike and Lisa put the production of the trailer into the hands of Charlie Boswell. Who is Charlie Boswell? Well by day he is the Director Of Digital Media for chip giant AMD. He is the link between the world of ‘computer geeking’ and Hollywood. He is the ‘best of the best’ at merging the world of the creative arts with black arts of silicon!

All I can say is kudos Charlie, you have done it again!

You can catch the entire interview with Mike & Lisa Austin by using this link.

Simon Barrett

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