Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with well known actor and musician Michael Des Barres.

There might be some that view the Marquis Michael Philip Des Barres (yes he really is an English Lord) as being just a tad on the eccentric side. Of course there are a few people that think I am slightly eccentric. Pickled onions are fine, but pickled cucumbers are not. Mustard should be brown and have seeds in it, rather than that icky yellow stuff that comes out of a squirt bottle. I embrace eccentricity, and Michael Des Barres is without doubt a young man who shares my thoughts! How many people do you know that have a paint job on their car like this one?


I have to admit that while I am not much of a car enthusiast the picture had me confused. Common decency dictates that the car must have some form of British heritage to adorn it with this wonderful paint job. Putting the Union Jack on a BMW, a Honda, or a Yugo just would not work!

The car to my untrained eye seemed too big to be a Lotus, but had the wrong ‘headlight configuration’ to be a Jag. Michael Des Barres assures me that it is in fact a Jag! Although he does admit that it has been slightly modified!

Having grown up in England I was unsure exactly how to address him, Lord Des Barres, Milord, or a simple Sir. He assured me that Michael was just fine!

Michael Des Barres is a curious animal, is he actor or musician? Most certainly he started as an actor, in 1967 at the tender age of 16 he appeared in the Sidney Poitier classic ‘To sir with love’. For TV watchers he likely is best known for his role as Murdoc, an evil mastermind on the Macgyver series.

But, ‘milord’ also had an alter ego, when he was not plotting the demise of the King Of Duct Tape, MacGyver, he was playing music.

Michael Des Barres has continued on his quest for world domination (I guess he really liked being Murdoc). He has been plotting for years, and has come out of his evil laboratory with a new CD, Carnaby Street.

This is a fun CD, it is what Rock-n-Roll and all things good should be.

It is available everywhere, and you can certainly order a copy from his web site.

If you missed the live interview, you can listen to the recording here, and also hear a couple of tracks from Carnaby Street.

Simon Barrett

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