In what is being called the first case of ‘internet rape’, 36 year old Adrian Ringland of England has been arrested after an investigation discovered he was using his computer to terrorize underage girls on both sides of the Atlantic. Ringland started his game by posing as a teenager in chat rooms to find underage girls at which point he would get their email addresses and use a program to take control of their computer, visibly scaring them by moving the cursor around or even opening and closing their CD tray from his location. After he had terrified the girls with threats of crashing their systems or deleting critical files, he would blackmail them into stripping and sending him provocative pictures of themselves. He would use these pictures to further blackmail them into getting even more perverse pictures by telling them that he would send the pictures to friends if they didn’t.

His game ended however when he picked on a 14 year old girl in Canada who decided to tell her parents what he was doing. The girl’s parents then decided to call the RCMP who launched an investigation into the matter. The police were eventually able to crack Ringland’s security and trace him to his home in England where he was arrested on 20 charges relating to the internet abuse, two of indecency with a child, four of hacking, four of blackmail and ten offences of making indecent photographs of a child. He has pled guilty to all charges.

Paedophile jailed for transatlantic ‘internet rape’ (Times Online)

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