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Indian and international experts will review polio situation in the country and thrash out future strategies to eliminate the virus that has affected 583 children this year.

India Experts Advisory Group (IEAG) on polio, in a two-day meeting here from tomorrow, will also decide whether Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) should be used in future polio vaccination programme or not.
One third of the total polio cases in the world are from India.

Countries across the globe have criticized India for neglecting health issues such as polio.

In India, oral drops are given to children in intervals as a standard to provide immunization. Even though this is done though 400 cases bave been reported in the state of Uttar Pradesh where there is a high degree of illiteracy, poverty, and unhygienic living conditions.

India was considered free from polio up until 2004 when a fresh case was reported.
“We will review the current epidemiological situation and will also plan future strategies to control polio from the country,” an officer of the national polio programme told a news agency today.

He said apart from experts from WHO and UNICEF, health secretaries and senior officers from polio-affected states will be part of the meeting.

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