In order to provide an opportunity to its students to systematically study the Cyber Laws in other countries, Cyber Law College, the premier Cyber Law Education entity in India has started the International Cyber Law Study Center (ICLRC).

The objective of the center is to be the focal point for make a comparative study of emerging laws in different countries experts from different countries to collaborate, discuss and and contribute towards a better International cooperation in the harmonization of Cyber Laws.

Cyber Law College founded by Naavi,  started as a virtual education center in 2000,  has now established relationships with several Law Colleges in Karnataka for conducting offline courses.

As a part of the study of Cyber Laws in India, Cyber Law College is already teaching  Cyber Laws of some South Asian Countries such as Malaysia, Mauritius etc as a  part of its curriculum.

ICLRC will be an extension of the current operations of Cyber Law College and provide guidance to students in undertaking research in Cyber Laws in any of the academic institutions. It will also publish research papers relevant to Cyber Laws.

ICLRC proposes to establish relationship with other academic institutions for collaboration in Cyber Law research.

ICLRC is presently a  “Virtual” set up and in due course may establish its physical identity. ICLRC invites other institutions and individual with similar interest both in India and abroad to lend their support to this unique academic venture.


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