The recently concluded International cyber crime conference in Delhi discussed several aspects of International Cooperation in cyber crime investigation.

One issue which is confronting Cyber Crime investigators world over is the need to trace IP address from e-mails received. This is a fundamental requirement of any cyber crime case whether it is “Spam” or “Harassment” or any other serious abuse. Even in most of the cases where  litigation  process has to be commenced, IP tracing becomes the condition precendent before a case can be registered in a Court in the normal course. Some times, IP tracing also indicates the jurisidiction in which the sender is operating.

Until recently, any recipient of an e-mail would be able to view the header information from the mail received. Of late, Google has started an obnoxious practice of hiding the IP address through a proxy in what they claim is a bid to protect the privacy of its clients.

This has made it very difficult for the recipients of emails from gmail accounts to trace the IP addresses of the senders. They may have to serve a notice on gmail perhaps with a subponea to get this simple information. If this consumes time, then the investigation may get derailed.

The International Cyber Crime conference should have addressed issues like this and found the means to sort out these issues. The conference however failed to make such concrete efforts to improve the cyber crime investigation infrastrcture.

Will CBI at least now take steps in this direction?


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