Kero Kero (ケロケロちゃいむ, Kero Kero Chime?) is a manga written by Maguro Fujita. A 30-episode anime series on Japanese TV. This series was created to represent the mascot for the Moscow Olympic games of 1980 before the boycott and subsequent employment of Misha the bear. I caught a look at an obscure, but useful, Chinese language learning website called Chinese Tools and saw a post comparing the Friendlies (Now Fuwa) to the Kero Kero…. The Fuwa (Chinese: 福娃; pinyin: Fúwá; literally “Good-luck dolls”) are the mascots of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. They were announced by the National Society of Chinese Classic Literature Studies on November 11, 2005 a thousand days before the opening of the games. Since then several Kero Kero fans have cried “foul.” Upon first glace they may have a legitimate beef. I will look into it more. In the meantime you judge for yourself: The Chinese Friendlies and Kero Kero

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