An inspector from the Health and Safety Executive in the UK has expressed concern and outrage over a fine of eight thousand GBP, equivalent to nearly eleven thousand dollars, that was meted out to a heating firm that exposed three workers to the potentially deadly substance, asbestos.

The inspector said that Lothian Heating Services put the workers at risk by failing to spot the presence of asbestos before sending three workers in to replace a heating system. He added that the fine would serve as no deterrent to the firm. The incident occurred in May of 2007.

The three men that were exposed to the substance worked with no protection for five days in the area. Reports claim that during the initial survey the company did not ask the owner of the building if there was any danger, and despite the fact that there was a report indicating that there could be some danger the firm never asked for a copy of the report.

A lawyer working on behalf of the firm said that it had quickly removed the men from the project as soon as the dangers had been highlighted, and added that the three men were still working for the firm.

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