NDTV Reports:
30-year-old Manasi Das, in an advanced stage of pregnancy, was holding on to her four-year-old daughter Shiuli when two bullets pierced her thighs Tuesday. She hasn’t seen her daughter since. ”Shots were being fired from Khejuri since early morning. From 8 am the shouts of CPI(M) workers drew near. I was hurrying out of the house with my daughter,” Manasi told a Kolkata daily from the Tamluk Hospital. ”My husband Swapan had our six-year-old son Soumen with him. I was hit in the legs and collapsed. I have not met my daughter or any of my other family members since,” she said.

The parallels of Manasi Das’ harrowing experiences with those of Bilkis Bano in Gujarat are striking. The only difference is Manasi Das is Hindu not Muslim and the attackers CPI-M workers not Hindutva’s foot soldiers. So neither the NHRC nor the left of center mainstream media are screaming aloud on the havoc being wreaked by the CPI-M in West Bengal.

Consider what is going in Nandigram and then reflect on how little outrage is being expressed across the Nation.

200 CPI(M) men from Khejuri armed with long-range rifles, single-barrel guns, pipe guns and bombs Tuesday crossed the Talpatti canal at Bahargunj and attacked Satengabari, Brindabanchowk, Jambari, Girirbazar, Keyakhali, Simulkunda, Saifullachowk and Raynagar villages of Nandigram

”It is a planned attack. The CPI(M) has assembled its armed supporters to mount the attack with the backing of the Eastern Frontier Rifles (EFR) and crush the opposition,” said West Bengal Public Works Department Minister Kshiti Goswami who belongs to the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP), an ally of the CPI(M) in the government.

”About 2,000 people, largely Bhumi Uchched Pratirodh Committee (BUPC) supporters, are homeless. The CPI-M has gained ground in Maheshpur and adjoining areas of Nandigram. Many CPI-M supporters have returned home,” Roy said.

Now if you were wondering who this Roy is providing a blow by blow account of what looks like a war zone be prepared to be surprised. That was the West Bengal Home Secretary Prasad Ranjan Roy. If in Gujarat we have innuendo and slander on alleged nexus between the State, the BJP and the rioters on acts of violence, in West Bengal you have the top bureaucrat going on record that the ruling party has literally waged acts of war against the people. The top bueraucrat’s comments are corraborated by a serving Minister in the West Bengal Cabinet.

Yet we see none of the outrage or demands for CBI enquiries, arrests and imposition of President’s Rule.

Instead what do we have from the suave Jyoti Basu who loses no opportunity to remind us of how civilized he is and how uncivilized those opposed to his ideology are.

”I have told the chief minister (Buddhadeb Bhattacharya) to postpone deployment of central forces in Nandigram. Instead, we have asked him to arrange an all-party meeting to restore peace in troubled areas. If needed, we can talk to Mamata Banerjee again though previous all-party peace talks failed,”

Offstumped Bottomline: The CPI-M is guilty of waging war on the people of Nandigram. This is a moment of truth for the sanctimonious mainstream media and the conscientious NHRC. Will they hold Buddha to account for having willingly looked the other way as his party waged war in Nandigram.

Do they have the moral courage and intellectual clarity to do what is right in the face of what is real and damning evidence


Is their selective outrage reserved exclusively for the BJP and Narendra Modi on the basis of innuendo, slander and hearsay.

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