This was a delightful book that kept me turning pages and helped me get through the whole work in about  2days. It was a lot of fun. The book is set in Egypt and the main character, an Italian businessman, inherits from his aunt, a large villa near Cairo. With views of the majestic pyraminds and the cool breezes wafting off the Nile it is very idyllic and one of the very few vacation homes left in Egypt that were build in the early 20th century.  So he heads down to Egypt to take a look at the place. An archaeologist that he had met in Italy is interested in searching for the tomb of the legendary medicine god Imhotep at the site of the house. Not wanting to give up the house or anything he lets the archaeologist to at his studies while babysitting the house. But when Dr. Grant turns up dead and the servants aren’t answering questions he has got to discover some answers and possibly a new love.

Personally I really liked the book. It had deep developed characters, and a really good plot that came off the page. It was well researched and believable. A very good fall read because it possesses everything a good mystery should and more!

The Author is D.A. Flower, English, though born in Geneva, Derek Adie Flower was brought up in Alexandria where he went to English, French and Italian schools and then Oxford. Before dedicating himself exclusively to writing, he was involved in crude oil and commodity markets, an experience which he subsequently drew on for the background of his 3 generation saga ‘FAREWELL ALEXANDRIA‘. He now resides with his wife, Frédérique, in the historic Villa Borghese at Nettuno near Rome, where he is currently writing a sequel to his recently published THE WEIRD AND WONDERFUL ADVENTURES OF TIM WESSURP, ‘TWERP’.

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