Thirty three inmates from the Chillicothe Correctional Institution have filed a federal lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that officials from the state prison lied to inmates about asbestos having been removed from the facility. The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court earlier this month, and is also on behalf of four former inmates.

Inmates at the facility collected a powdery substance, and this was then sent off for testing to a lab by a Columbus lawyer who is representing the prisoners. The powder was collected from the floor of one of the cells, as well as from pieces of insulation around piping.

The lab testing that was carried out on the sample substances that were collected by the inmates at the prison showed that there was asbestos present according to reports. The inmates’ lawyer stated: “Many clients believe they have lung problems attributable to asbestos.”

A state inspection report of the prison was filed in 2007, and in this officials from the facility had claimed that the last of the asbestos from the prison had been removed two years earlier.

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