We all know how Casey Anthony of Orlando Florida ended up behind bars. She claims she left her daughter with the Nanny but when she returned to pick her up that afternoon she was gone and she was searching for her in her own investigative way. It was 31 days before being reported to the police that little Caylee Anthony had been missing.

After checking out the mother’s story the police came to the conclusion that all they were being fed were lies and Casey was arrested. Eventually the charges were brought against her for first degree murder and she is being held in the Orange County Jail until her trial without bail.

At the time there still was no body to prove the child was even dead. On December 11, 2008 a meter reader in Orlando discovered the remains of what was eventually identified as those of Caylee Marie Anthony.

Tons of evidence has been released to the public which has people drawing their own conclusions as to Casey’s fate in this case. Apparently though there are some out there that claims she is innocent.

Jerry Jackson is 21 year old Florida prison inmate that has been in prison since 2004 while serving a 30 year sentence for crimes which he committed in 2002 which include sexual battery with a weapon, armed burglary and kidnapping.

Jackson wrote a letter concerning Casey Anthony’s case in July 2009 addressed to “whom ever is representing Ms. Anthony” claiming that he knows Casey didn’t kill Caylee and that he knew who did. He mailed the letter to the Clerk of Court. Eyewitness News has a copy of that letter.

In the letter he wrote, “I happen to know for a fact who killed her which is not Casey Anthony. The person that killed her was a guy whose name I will not reveal at this time.”

At the end of the letter he wrote that if no one responds to his letter by August 15 he would just take the information to his grave with him.

Reports show that Jackson has a list of mental health problems. In April of 2006 he wrote a letter claiming he kidnapped a 13 year old girl and killed her but his claims were dismissed because of the history of mental illness

So I don’t think the defense team should be too excited over this letter as a way to clear their client. I know the news of this letter sure doesn’t change my opinion as to who killed that baby.

I pray that one of these days Justice will be served for Caylee and her killer doesn’t walk free.

Jan Barrett

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