ITA 2000 was amended after several years of hibernation and the new ITA 2008 has emerged. While we are yet to digest the changes, there are some persons who are calling for changes in ITA 2000. It is not clear what changes they would like to make from the ITA 2008.

In one of the recent seminars, in Mohali, it is reported that an Infosys Associate Vice President called for a changes to be made to ITA 2000. I recall that in 2004 when CEO was arrested, Mr Narayan Murthy was interviewed by some TV news readers and on the fly he made a statement that “ITA 2000 needs to be revised”. It was clear that it was an off the cuff remark without understanding the failures on the part of

Now after the recent arrest of an Infosys employee for sending a terror call,  another Infosys executive has given a call for changes to ITA 2000. The report in Punjab news line quotes… “…He said that the IT Act passed by the Indian government in the year 2000 needs to be revised. “  (Refer: IT Act Needs to be Revised) I have a doubt that the remark was made without taking note of the amendments passed in December 2008 which became effective from October 27, 2009.

The new version of ITA 2000 has several provisions addressing IT Security some of which are sure to rise the BP of IT Security executives in companies.

The very fact that an Infosys employee thought it fit to take on the Police with a terror threat just to avoid missing a flight from Delhi to Bangalore indicates the weakness in the Infosys training system which failed to first build sense of “Cyber Ethics” and then the realization that “Police in India are not as in efficient as they are made out to be on the films”.

I hope IT companies would look inwards and see how they manage due diligence within their organizations rather than blaming the law.

Also it is strange that when the law is under discussion for yearsm these IT professionals fail to identify the impact and respond with positive suggestions but come up with criticisms soon after the law is passed.

If Infosys as a leader in IT industry thinks that ITA 2008 needs a change, I would call upon Infosys  either on its own or i n association with a few industry leaders in Bangalore like Wipro, TCS, Mahindra Satyam,  Cognizant etc to come up with a paper on what changes are needed to ITA 2008 and why. It would be a good starter for the next revisions to ITA 2008. would be interested in organizing a round-table on ITA 2008 -the Industry Perspective in Bangalore if there is some interest from industry leaders.


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