Scientists at the University of Leicester have discovered that a molecule found in vegetables like cabbage and broccoli could stop the growth of breast cancer cells. This molecule can be used in conjunction with drugs, to fight breast cancer. Researchers studied the role of the molecule indole-3-carbinol (I3C), which is considered to inhibit cancer cell growth, on four different groups of breast cancer cells. The estrogen modulating activity of indole-3-carbinol is responsible for its anticarcinogenic properties.


The study revealed that, I3C altered the receptors of the cancer cells, thereby decreasing their resistance to anti-cancer drugs. Professor Margaret Manson, the lead researcher of this study, said that dietary agents combined with drugs can increase the efficiency of the drugs and at the same time helps in reducing the dosage given to patients.


If scientists could discover more and more dietary agents like I3C, which could assist in fighting cancer with low doses of drugs, patients could enjoy a dual benefit of eating a healthy diet and at the same time escape from the toxic effects of over dosages of drugs.

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