The former American president Jimmy Carter expressed his concern over India remaining outside the ambit of Nuclear Non -Proliferation Treaty[NPT].

On a visit to India, in connection with a humanitarian project, he expressed his hope that relations between the two countries will not be adversely affected if the Indo-US civil nuclear deal does not go through the American Congressional processes.

However, he added that he saw no problem in New Delhi moving towards use of atomic energy to generate electricity. Carter did not single out India in this regard but added that Pakistan, israel , North Korea and India should be brought within the folds of NPT, though he perceived no direct threat to global peace from India, which he called a peace – loving and enlightened country.

In an interaction with a select group of reporters, Carter also launched an attack against the Bush administration over the ‘invasion’ of Iraq and found faults with Washington’s handling of the North Korean nuclear issue. He, however, underlined that he was not here to pursue his views or influence the Indian government on policies related to the nuclear issue. Carter, who was US President from 1976 to 1980, is visiting India after 28 years. He kept his message clear that he favours promotion of NPT membership and discouraged development of new weapons and fissile material.

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