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Long live the deal maker

That pretty much sums up where things are headed after the holiday season. One must credit the Depco for wordsmithing Sonia’s speech with spin that makes it almost sound as if by design and intention the deal is being abandoned while deflecting attention away from the Executive Failure of the Manmohan Singh Government. This headliner says it all

Ruling out early elections, Sonia Gandhi gave full marks to Manmohan Singh’s administration

The extent of capitulation that has been forced by the Pro-Life camp of Sharad Pawar and Lalu Yadav is evident in Sonia Gandhi’s belated denials that just dont wash

Gandhi rejected a suggestion that her speech in Jhajjar, Haryana, on Sunday was an attack on the Left and maintained that her reference was to the opposition in the state.

Interesting formulation, so now if you oppose the nuclear deal in any other state but Harayana you are ok but if you oppose it inside Haryana you become “enemies of development”. Only in the warped world of the Congress.

But here is the real question, what Executive Authority can Manmohan Singh lay claim to having been completely diminished and overruled every step of the way. The BJP lead Vajpayee tenure of the NDA which saw a far more complex coalition of 22 parties had a far better track record when it came to preserving the Executive’s privilege. From Cabinet Ministers who chart an independent course to remote controllers who exercise veto power with impunity, the Manmohan Singh UPA tenure is a sad commentary on how legislative instability dilutes executive authority.

Offstumped Bottomline: Dr. Singh its no use being in denial. You have been reduced to a lame duck Prime Minister. Please resign forthwith and save yourself and the country the ignominy of being treated as one by our International partners who can now see the deal is as good as dead.


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