Here we go, another Indiana Jones movie premiering – and so of course, here is another collection of the previous Indiana Jones movie releases, all in a neat and tidy slipcase, almost exactly the size of a single VHS cassette in slipcase… Please, Grandma, what was VHS; I seem to hear my grandchildren of the future gathering around my senior-citizen issue rocking-chair and asking. Pah, my little darlings – let me tell you about Umatic format, with the millions of little screws holding the whole darned thing together – now that was a video format with hair on it’s chest!. Indiana Jones, hair on chest. Pardon the momentary distraction… back to the topic at hand – the new Indiana Jones movie collection.

The movies themselves hold up rather well; how original it seemed when “Raiders of the Lost Ark” returned to pure entertainment; how cheerfully bare of anything socially relevant and meaningful! Just pure fun, returning to a cliff-hanging Saturday morning matinee adventure serial, with improbable feats, wicked villains, a stalwart hero, exotic locations, hidden treasure, lots of creepy crawly critters and a gorgeous and feisty leading lady… OK, Willi Scott in “The Temple of Doom” screamed too much – obviously a little short in the feisty department. And having children in peril is somewhat of a no-no. Cliff-hanging – oh, boy – the scene over the gorge just about defined that particular element.

The Last Crusade featured the incomparable Sean Connery, and a return of some familiar sidekicks (Marcus and Salah), plus those infatigable all-purpose villains, the Nazis. What would thrillers have to do for villains if they didn’t have Nazis? I swear, I think there must be a secret cave under Hollywood somewhere, where the last few remaining Nazis are kept on life-support, perhaps fed on the blood of virgins and wheeled out on a dolly for appearances as the Only Remaining Politically Correct Villain Which Will Not Permanently Piss Off the General Movie-Going American Public – and tax the movie making credentials of those last two or three directors who still make movies for that niche audience, of course. I am certain that the whole series did wonders as far as recruiting archeologists – who wouldn’t want to be Indiana Jones?

Returning to the topic at hand – each individual movie has the relevant extras included on the disc (not as a separate disc, as was done in the last slip-cased all-in-one release) and each of them with a promo for the new Indy release. Ok, so consider the point made and pounded in with a sledgehammer already. The best of the lot is a short feature on how they made the incredible melting face in “Raiders”, and a retrospective discussion titled “Indy’s Women Reminisce”. Fortunately for this feature they only included the three ladies from the movies – not from the “Young Indiana Jones” TV series. (In that case, they might have needed a stage the size of the Met Opera to hold them all.)

Indiana Jones – The Adventure Collection is available from The new installment of the franchise premiers May 22 – like the hardcore fans need to be told!

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