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India, which has many religions and sects, there are 25 crores Muslims in it. Although the division of India in 1947 was completely based on religion and after the division, Pakistan came into existence as a Muslim country yet it is also true that a big class of Muslims was quite against this religion based on bloody division of India. As an Indian national citizen, they were happy, satisfied and kept themselves away from the process of division. They remained where they were. Consequently even today ,Indian Muslims living in India are the second biggest population in the country.

Renaissance Hindi movie couple Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi believe Indian Muslims have the potential to be the torchbearer at a time when the Islamic world is in ferment. Poet and lyricist Akhtar and actor Azmi, currently touring the US with their highly acclaimed theatre production, “Kaifi Aur Main”, said that Muslims in India held out a great hope for the rest of the community in the world because they had learned to negotiate through demands of a democracy.
“I think the fact that India is a pluralist democracy where people from different faiths and backgrounds have a means to address their grievances prevents Muslims and others from resorting to the more extreme ways such as terrorism. To that extent the Muslims of India can provide leadership to the rest of the community in the world,” Akhtar told IANS in an interview.

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