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 India tightened laws against child marriage yesterday, with priests, police or local leaders facing jail and fines if they permit the widespread but illegal practice. Renuka Chowdhury, minister for women and children, said the Prohibition of Child Marriage Bill 2006 passed yesterday gives protection to tens of thousands of children forced into marriage every year.”When we tell our children that they cannot vote when they are 15 years of age, we do not allow them to drive or to drink, then how is it that we think that they are capable of getting married?,” Chowdhury asked the lower house of parliament.

hild marriage is also like a silent bloodshed for the economy of the country. If all the girls who get married in their childhood could go to school instead of their husbands’ home then Indian economy would get immense benefit. You do not need to be a scholar to understand this benefit.

I wish that Indian leaders could change their mindset about child labor and child marriage. They should take these two problems as economic problems instead of social problems and get more sincere for eradicating them from the Indian society.

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