According to a published report, the Commerce Minister of India, Anand Sharma said that Indian IT firms have produced approximately 250,000 jobs in the U.S. within the last three years. This comes amid stiff criticism in the U.S. for outsourcing to India.

According to the report, approximately 7,000 U.S. jobs were created in August of this year. Sharma was quoted as saying, that countries are likely to take protectionist measures during an economic crisis. However, he added, that this cannot be good for any economy since global trade flows should be encouraged during a downturn in the economy.

The U.S. has been securing its jobs for American workers by hiking professional visa fees and halting outsourcing. However, Indian firms have criticized the move since IT firms in India have been hurt by these protectionist measures.

Sharma continued to say that the Indian government is still optimistic that a favorable outcome can be achieved as the two countries settle their differences along the lines of trade.

In a related news item, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has said that American is seeking an indispensable affiliation with India. This is despite recent moves by President Barack Obama to stop outsourcing and raise visa fees.

Clinton was reported as saying that India is the largest democracy in the world and that it has a large convergence of core values. She added that the U.S. side is cementing a foundation for future collaborative efforts with India.

Meanwhile, the President is expected to visit India in November, 2010.

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