When the year 2007 started Offstumped had speculated if

2007 will go down as the year that ended the Monopoly of the Mainstream Media in selling a Single Version of Truth

little did we know then that an innoccuous post on the costs of a Ceremonial Presidency  would ring true many months later with this Indian Express today editorial titled “They the privileged” that said

“a system that accords unaccounted privileges to VIPs will end up undermining us, the people”

It is symbolic that as the Year 2007 winds down, the mainstream media is catching up on an issue that the Indian Blogosphere lead the charge on during 2007.

On 16th June when Congress President Sonia Gandhi foisted on this Nation her choice for nominee of President Pratibha Patil to succeed President APJ Abdul Kalam the mainstream media went gaga over the prospect of the first woman President. The blogosphere on the other hand was the first to set aside Gender Correctness aside to take a close and hard look at her record and ask tough questions to conclude that her Presidency would be a repudiation of everything her predecessor stood for.

The defining moment however came when public intellectuals like Shri Sudheendra Kulkarni took notice of the ground that the blogs were breaking  to launch a website and subsequently a booklet that became the center piece of the campaign against Pratibha Patil.

It was a defining moment in the history of Indian Blogosphere as it found itself at the heart of the political firestorm that had gripped the nation.

There were other defining moments too through 2007 that saw the blogs steal a march on the mainstream when the CIA Archives were released, the Tehelka expose and the Nandigram issue.

In closing Offstumped congratulates all those brave bloggers who challenged conventional wisdom to have a qualitative impact on the public discourse in India during 2007.

Offstumped also thanks all you who have raised the bar for this blog with your incisive comments and questions.

Wishing you a Happy 2008…….


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