This is in reference to the brutal killing of fifteen cops by the Maoists. I am pained to spot the difference between the killings of cops by Maoists and Terrorists. Here are a few that I have spotted.

The Maoists are not Muslims hence, their news story is not highlighted nor any noise is made over it  because no political party can get benefit out of this publicity, hence the news dies in few days as it has happened in past. Nobody remembers the last  big killing by Maoist or Naxals but the whole nation knows in detail about Mumbai terror act and previous train attacks.

No high profile news journalists will go with their camera to report  live in the Maoists infected areas for the fear of their lives and the safety of their equipments. Not even Barkha Dutt . Perhaps they do not expect lot of TRPs in covering this event. There are also no big fights like chats shows warning the government ” enough is enough ” or “we wont pay taxes unless we get security”. No lipsticks stuck women will come out on the streets to protest the killings.

Even Narendra Modi would not dare to visit the way he rushed to Nariman point when the action was  going on. Neither would he carry crore rupee cheque for the family of slain cops nor would he make any announcement of it. May be the  killings by Maoists cannot increase his chances of becoming the PM.

There would be no talk of attacking Maoists’ territories the way our entire machinery spoke about attacking Pakistan based terror training camps. The entire nation is shown the geographical pictures of Terror based camps of Pakistan in most of the  magazines, newspapers and news channels, but how many will do the same for Maoist attack? How many cops killed on 11 Feb will get  a Chakra  or a Bhushan for sacrificing their lives for the nation? Perhaps no one  will make it an issue because the Maoists are real danger and their wings are stronger than the terrorists across the borders and they can cause real harm to the people who harm their interests. So let us forget Maoists and focus on Pakistan for time being. That is the real Nationalism

Nisaar Yusuf: Is a keen student of Inter faith dialogues and often touches political chords which can cause flutter in the minds of thinking people. He can be reached at

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