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Pratibha Devisingh Patil may be elected as India’s first female president as her Congress Party and allies to the Left wield a majority. It was billed as a proud and historic day for Indian women, as lawmakers prepare to vote on Thursday for the country’s first ever female president. But it has turned instead into a major embarrassment for the government. Pratibha Patil, the ruling coalition’s 72-year-old nominee for the largely ceremonial post of president, should sail through Thursday’s vote with relative ease against the opposition-backed challenger and current vice-president, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat.

Offstumped marks the culmination of this bitter battle for the Indian Presidency with some verse.

On this momentous Occasion

here goes an appeal to all electoral Collegians

as you mark that ballot with your considered Opinion

reflect you must on what sets apart this Election

Carry you must positive Identification

but you can leave behind that anachronism of a Conviction


the outcome, presumed, a foregone Conclusion

the contest, reduced, to a deferred Coronation

the sideshow, stagemanaged, to coerce Abstentions

but persist we must with this farcical Election

for it is important to preserve that Enumeration

to reassure if there still were a few, burdened of Convictions


to that odd elector who indulges in conscientious Flirtations

forget not how Pratibha Patil was thrust on you, by Elimination

to arrive at the Lowest Common Moral De-nomination,

Lest you end up looking yourself in the  mirror, day after the Election

the ache hanging over your head, with that dreaded Question

What was it I bargained, trading my Convictions ? ”


“That Raisina Hill would see a long overdue Gender Correction”

Allow Offstumped to disabuse you of that flawed Notion

for Pratibha Patil in her Gubernatorial Habitation

while patronizing activism against Patriarchal Discrimination

avoided Taslima Nasreen, shying away from a Formal Introduction

So much so for Women’s Rights and Strength of Conviction


“That Maratha Pride would be served with her Elevation”

 Dont delude yourself with the Tiger’s Geriatric Fiction

Pratibha Tai aint no Muktabai, despite the sugar sweet Invocation

45 years of Public Service peddling a politically correct Identification

can someone explain this incredible Electoral Roll infraction

So much so for Maratha Pride and Strength of Conviction


How sorry I am Kalam is not up for Re-Election

Mr. President one last service to your beloved Nation

The Partisan Politics of the Country desperately need Rejuvenation

May we request you leave behind a little something at your Valediction

your Spirit, may just be the one for your gifted Successor to be in Communion

Lest history judge this election as one that heralded the Death of Conviction




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