The recent decision of the apex court in India that reservation in jobs and educational institutions in India should not be extended to the affluent sections of the community has raised voices of protest from several persons in the community.
“Reservation” was a concept which was introduced during the early days of Indian independence to provide opportunities for those who were deprived in the past due to social customs and caste considerations. It was meant to be a short term measure to be gradually withdrawn. Under the policy a percentage of jobs, seats in educational institutions etc are reserved on the basis of caste of the person.
Whatever be the justification for the introduction of the reservation policy, there is no doubt that it is today a reason for the proliferation of the caste divide in India. Over the years some politicians, notably Mr V.P.Singh in the past and Mr Arjun Singh in the present have misused the provision to enhance their political fortunes. As a result the country today is divided in the lines of not only the basic castes but on the basis of communities and sub communities. Since politicians have found a powerful tool in this divide and rule policy, progress in the country has been severely affected.
Though in India many consider Sonia Gandhi as the most powerful political figure, even she is impotent against the power of caste politics and chosen to tow behind Mr Arjun Singh when he played politics recently insisting on reservations in higher education.
If today Supreme Court of India is upset with the affluent sections of the community identified as the “Creamy Layer” in eligible for reservations, it must be seen in the background that after 60 years of reservation, the policy has created new divisions in the country than ever there was before the introduction of the policy. Reservations have gone to ridiculous lengths such as 67 % where it has ceased to be reservations for the backward community. In fact it is the forward communities that are today reeling under the pressure of lack of opportunities since they are barred from 67% of opportunities by reservations and has to compete within the 33% based on merit to which even the reserved category of persons can compete and also with corruption and nepotism. As a result, the so called non reservation category has slowly been driven to frustration.
Where will this foolish policy take India in the future?..Will it drive meritorious Indians to migrate to foreign land?…are some of the concerns the intellectuals in India are expressing. Unfortunately they are in a minority and donot have the necessary political clout.
The county is waiting for an emancipated leader from the backward community who will stand up and say no to reservations. He will be the new generation Gandhi India is looking for.

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