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Saddam Hussein is dead. The former Iraqi Dictator met his maker with an air of defiance and some choicest curses for Traitors, spies, Americans and Persians. Saddam Hussein however continues to loom large over Indian Politics. The Great Indian Comdey on Saddam’s death playing out in the media and by the spokespersons of various political outfits says more about politics and political correctness in India than about Saddam himself. The Government in a sign of growing maturity in foreign policy restricted itself to a rather subduded “disappointment” in its reaction. The fossilized remains of Indian Non Alignment were however not as subdued. The disgraced Natwar Singh called the government’s response inadequate, well Natwar should for probably Saddam was his only friend left what after the disgrace of the Oil For Food scam and the Volcker Report aftermath. The Communist Parties who are the conscience keepers of the progressive leftist cabal in the country reacted along predictable lines, it is amazing the amount of media coverage a political non-entity like D. Raja continues to command despite his party’s shrinking electoral base. Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party is out to milk what remains of the muslim vote bank with a protest day in  Uttar Pradesh, someone needs to tell Amar Singh to get his Shia right from his Sunni, for just the other day he was out defending Iran’s right to nuclear weapons. But the highlight of the political tamasha goes to the Indian Media. From absurd headliners ranging from “India protests Saddam’s execution” to “Why is the BJP silent on Saddam ?”

So what is getting the Indian Media so worked up about the BJP ignoring Saddam’s execution, that they have spent more time agonizing over the BJP’s silence than appreciating the relative silence from the rest of the Islamic World. This idiotic coverage of the Saddam Execution about sums up Indian Media for you in 2006.

Offstumped Bottomline: Indian Media Reaction to the Saddam Execution was little about Saddam or the manner of his execution. It was more about asserting a perverse value systems and upside-down world view of the so called progressive liberals that has come to dominate the media news rooms. It is a value system that agonizes more about why the BJP is silent rather than about the issues underlying the execution.

Those who live by the sword die by it. To quote Oliver North, Saddam perhaps got more justice than he ever dealt to those who oppressed. Saddam’s execution is a reminder that Dictators with blood on their hands live on borrowed time and having a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council on your side does little to your life expectancy.  

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