you are a momentary fluctuation in a field of matter and energy out in space

Your memories and the world you think you see around you are illusions

Did you know that there are an infinite number of free-floating brains for every normal brain

Do you realize that it is infinitely unlikely that you are a normal brain

So if you were reincarnated, why do you care about where you are reincarnated ?

Can we be reincarnated ?

Modern science is finally catching up with 4000 years of ancient Indian Philosophy and Reincarnation. The Big Brain Theory, as it is called, while providing much needed scientific basis for reincarnation, throws up some interesting possibilities when applied to Indian Politics.

So now we know why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh suffers insomnia and amnesia on Anti-Terrorism for every terrorist strike is merely a momentary fluctuation and the collateral damage to the nation a mere illusion.

We also now know how a European born Sonia Gandhi nee Maino can inherit the Nehru-Gandhi legacy for every normal Nehru-Gandhi has a free floating European reincarnation. Those of you writing off the dynasty may want to take a special note and despairing Congress can take some heart. If Rahul Gandhi is not cutting much ice with voters dont blame him, you just need to find him a normal brain.

The Big Brain Theory also provides the BJP and the rest of the Sangh Parivar with scientific explanation for how an under sea rock formation like Adam’s Bridge or Ramar Sethu could be man made. After all nothing is impossible when an infinite number of free floating brains are put to work, so what if they were Simian if not Human.

If you were wondering how Mayawati intends to become the first Dalit Prime Minister and still hold the BSP together well all she needs tis to reincarnate. The people will not notice the difference after all world according to Maya is but an illusion.

Finally the Big Brain Theory explains why the mainstream media is so full of idiots who routinely get both facts and issue and wrong, after all it is infinitely unlikely that a journalist has a normal brain. They are all merely free floating reincarnations of each other which also explains their all pervasive hatred of Narendra Modi and political correctness when it comes to Muslim appeasement.

If after reading this you are still in doubt of the seriousness of this post it just means that some atoms in another universe came together briefly to look, talk and think exactly like you, but is it really you …  dont blame Offstumped its just a momentary fluctuation !

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