The attack on Mumbai with a trawler dropping off terrorists with explosives who arrive on a speed boat and land next to the Gate way of India and storm Mumbai is nothing short of a war on India.

The operations in Taj and Oberoi hotels and in another residential building in Colaba (Nariman House) are still going on and it is too early to foresee the full impact of this attack. There will be loss of life estimated at more than one hundered which includes several foreigners.

We keep our fingers crossed with the fear that the Oberoi-Trident attack may have a hostage angle. Let us not forget that the Government led by the current leaders is holding a time bomb in the name of Afzal Guru in custody after he has been sentenced to be executed. It is quite possible that his release would be one of the prestigious goals for the terrorists if not in this attack in another to follow.

What causes concern is the report that a large quantity of RDX has been carried inside the Oberoi. Who knows, the terrorists may be planning a spectacular blowing up of the skyscraper if they are not flushed out quickly.

It is unfortunate that several top Police officers have lost their life yesterday including the chief of the Anti Terrorists Squad(ATS). The chief of ATS who was killed is reported to have said a few days back that they have devoted more than 90% of thier resources on the investigations on Malegoan blasts. This was a clear indication of lack of proper priorities for the unit and the adverse effect of the dangerous political policies pursued by some in the light of the ensuing elections.

Hopefully this ghastly incident would change the policies of the politicians and we would finally see a National security plan emerging devoid of political considerations.

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