Could Terrorists Obtain a Nuke?
Pakistan’s nukes in the hands of terrorists has India–and other countries–uneasy.

Pakistanis aren’t the only ones worried about the turmoil created by the state of emergency in the country. Amid rumors that the state of emergency may have been a move against President Musharaf, others are keeping a nervous eye on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

India is closely watching events unfold–as well as al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

What could turn into an opportunity for terrorists could prove to be a nightmare for India or the United States. In short, any country worried about nuclear weapons in the hands of a small group with scores to settle.

More on this from the India Express:
Nuclear-armed Pakistan is teetering on the verge of chaos after the imposition of emergency and US officials fear that the result could be every American’s nightmare — nuclear material or know-how, or even a nuclear bomb, falling into the hands of terrorists

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India and Pakistan’s Unrest: Nukes in the Wrong Hands? 


India and Pakistan’s Unrest: Nukes in the Wrong Hands?
India Express

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