Offstumped continues with its series of thanks to Congress President and UPA Chariman Sonia Gandhi with a special focus on educational backwardness.

The Human Resources Development Ministry headed by Arjun Singh had this to say on the most educationally backward districts. Backwardness is defined as Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) less than National Average.

A quick analysis of the total 105 districts reveals the following

– About 2/3rds of the educationally backward districts are in States ruled by Congress or Congress allies over the last few decades

– The highest number of educationally backward districts are in Congress ruled Assam with a whopping 14

– Telangana region which the YSR lead Congress in Andhra is guilty of betraying the promise of statehood has all 4 educationally backward districts in AP

– Maharashtra which has been ruled by Congress for 2 terms now with its unique blend of politician run private educational institutions has 5 educationally backward districts

– Madhya Pradesh which had Digvijay Singh lead Congress Government for 2 terms has a whopping 18 educationally backward districts (including Chattisgarh)

– The Communist mecca of West Bengal had 4 educationally backward districts including West Midnapore which saw the Nandigram fiasco

– Bihar with Jharkhand which saw Lalu Yadav’s RJD rule for over a decade account for 25 educationally backwards

– The lone opposition ruled state for 2 terms with a large share of backward districts is Orissa which saw Naveen Patnaik lead BJP BJD Government for 2 terms.

Offstumped Bottomline: With the 60,000 crore debt relief for farmers Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh have defined a new yardstick to explain away 4 years of Executive Delinquency and Dysfunctional Governance. So by the same yardstick must we take it that the next Government must foot the “unpaid distress bill” of the Congress and its allies in the most educationally backward districts.

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