A compilation of all Offstumped posts on acts of terror during the Congress lead UPA rule over the last 3 years July 2005 to January 2008.

10th July 2005The fidayeen attack on Ram Temple in Ayodhya

March 2006 – Mainstream media’s political correctness in response to Varnasi Blasts – criticism of Barkha Dutt, Dileep Padgaonkar, Javed Akhtar

30th April 2006U.S. State Department assessment of terrorism across the globe and South Asia

9th May 2006On how Pakistan’s Salami Tactics have neutered India’s strategic options in dealing with terrorism

14th May 2006 – Affirmative Inaction by Sonia, Manmohan in response to attacks in J&K on election rallies

24th May 2006Calculus of Infinite Stupidity – Criticism of Arundhati Roy on spweing venom at the Indian Armed Forces fighting terror in J&K

1st June 2006 Fidayeen attack on RSS Sangh Headquarters in Nagpur

2nd June 2006When your last line of defence is your First Response – Manmohan Singh Government’s strategy in response to early warnings is to make the last line of defense its first unit of response, as was the case in this incident. It is abundantly clear that the Indian Government does not really have a clue on how these Islamic Terrorist Modules operate ?

9th June 2006Between Zarqawi’s Death and BJP’s cash award Anti-Terrorism lessons for India – Counter Terrorism Strategy in India needs a moral compass that guides it in devising the right offensive tactics to eliminate this new brand of Islamic Terrorism from its roots by taking the battle to its source.  Leftist attitudes must not be allowed to cloud our judgement on the morality and righteousness of these offensive tacticsThe BJP must teach its hot-heads that public debate on terrorism must be elevated to a far more serious level if the BJP’s claim to being the Party best suited to protect our Nation’s Strategic Interests and Security ought to be taken seriously

12th June 2006Islamic Vote bank politics Ominous portents for India – By condoning Muslim Fundamentalist violence during the Iran and Cartoon Issues and Pan Islamic Political Mobilization over these issues the Governments in UP and in New Delhi have contributed to the creation of an environment where it is ok to encourage, shelter and patronise those whose loyalties to a Global Islamic cause are stronger than their respect to the Laws of their Motherland. This when combined with the Muslim Criminal elements who have been given a free reign in Uttar Pradesh Governance creates Institutional Safe Havens where Islamic Terrorism can germinate and flourish with no fear of consequences because there are many layers of Secular Cover that they can operate under.  All of the above will only receive further boost as these Muslim bodies organize themselves politically thus pushing the so-called secular parties to work overtime in wooing them with rabid minorytism. All of this has portends ominously to the future of internal security in India.

13th June 2006Terrorism Lopsided Judicial priorities -  What kind of message is this nation sending to its citizens when it takes 21 years to come to a conclusion on a Terrorist attack. Is this the resolve the nation can muster to bring to closure to the sequence of events that brought Terror to India at large. There clearly is a need for some soul searching on what went terribly wrong here. Why could not the prosecution get its act right and bring to trial the accused in the 1980s itself. Why did 5 innocent men have to suffer the ignominy and the despondency of Prison Life for 21 years before they could taste justice. This entire episode has an ominous lesson for the people of India for the ruling dispensation led by Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi has shown greater interest in repealing tought anti-terrorist laws than in bring Terrorists to justice. This is a government that has spent more time pondering how to appease the minority community through Communal Riots Laws rather than on securing the borders and rooting out terror from its safe havens. Justice delayed is justice denied. Will this nation get its judicial priorities right ?

11th July 2006Mumbai Blasts – Zero Tolerance and Now – Indian economic progress cannot be held hostage to Terror. The time for Empty Political posturing has passed. The time for dubious intellectual posturing about root causes has also passed. The time for silly political correctness in confronting Islamic Terrorism has also passed. Now is the time for action. Now is the time for Zero Tolerance. Now is the time to depoliticize the debate on terrorism

13th July 2006Mumbai Terror – Manmohan Singh in Denial – This new brand of Islamic Terrorism in India is a serious problem. The Government of the day must in its words and actions acknowledge its seriousness and demonstrate its seriousness in pre-empting it. The Indian Prime Minister and his Government are in a state of denial. By not setting out clear goals and the end-game in this fight against terror, they have only emboldened the terrorists. If the only insurance the Indian Government can offer against future terror attacks is the resilience and unity of the Indian People, then it raises a serious doubt as to the future security of the Indian State

14th July 2006The mood has changed post Mumbai Blasts – Its no longer about public patience wearing thin. The fact is there is no more Public Patience with this Pusillanimity. There is no more Public Patience with this lack of Political Will. There is no more Public Patience with this rank incompetence at the highest levels of Government. There is no more Public Patience with this all pervasive state of denial in the ruling party. And there definitelty is no more Public Patience for Paskistan Sponsored Islamic Terrorism in India. We want action, we want zero tolerance and we want it now

16th July 2006How India Can win against TerrorismOffstumped Prescription for India’s war against Terror: India needs to fight its battle on four fronts. withdrawing its unilateral moratorium on no first use of Nuclear Weapons. draw up a comprehensive counter terrorism strategy and action plan.  penetrate the extended sponsor network of terror across Pakistan and Gulf states, devise overt and covert means to effect a regime change in Pakistan and Bangladesh

27th July 2006Gandhian doctrine to fight Terror

30th July 2006Israel Hezbollah Conflict – Lessons on dealing with assymetric non-state players: No matter what position India takes it is important that this does not lead to a legitimisation of a Hezbollah type state sponsored low intensity guerilla warfare that makes it impossible to distinguish terrorist from civilian. This is a dangerous trend that has the potential to legitimise a state within a state and become an example to other insurgencies across the worl. India must work for wholesale rejection of this brand of terrorism that sustains itself through a mass social network which not only acts a shield but also becomes a reason to accord it political legitimacy

6th August 2006Windbags obscure strategic thinking – India’s strategic response to 7/11 and the changing global security environment is status quo ante. Nothing exemplifies better than the tit for tat expulsion of diplomats with Pakistan. Can the Indian Right overcome its shortsightedness and Minority phobia to take a long term view for the nation and can the strategic intelligenstia overcome its practice of secular untouchability to engage a popular movement to see its strategic thinking translate into policy of the State ?

10th August 2006Mumbai 7-11 Blasts – First Month Anniversary – How did New York, Madrid and London do ?

12th August 2006Pakistan and Islamo-Fascism – For the British its colonial history is coming back to haunt. The seeds of Islamic Fascism sown with the creation of an Islamic State of Pakistan have spread their roots well beyond the Indian Sub-Continent. The failure on 9-11 was not so much a failure of intelligence but a failure of imagination. A Musharraf assasination coupled with a Islamic Fascist power grab in Pakistan is not beyond the realm of the possible. The Indian and American establishments must develop a strategy to pre-empt such an outcome to secure Pakistan’s Nukes and to prevent an Al-Qaeda takeover. Manmohan Singh lead Congress and the Opposition BJP lead by LK Advani must set aside their differences on the Indo US Nuclear Deal and engage the Americans on this vital issue

16th August 2006Independence Day SpeechKalam outshines Manmohan on Terrorism Strategy

21st August 2006India needs a full time foreign minister – Islamic Terrorism in Pakistan and the Sri Lankan Conflict have reminded us of the acute need for Indian Leadership in the Sub-Continent. The continued flow of terrorism from Pakistan and the high risk of an Al-Qaeda attempt on Musharraf raise the spectre of the dreaded “what after Musharraf” scenario. India needs to be prepared to deal with that dreaded scenario pre-emptively with both Military and Diplomatic Options. India needs a full time foreign minister and it needs it now

5th September 2006 – Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Speech on Internal Security versus George Bushs National Strategy for Combating Terrorism – Terrorism has been reduced to a Law and Order Problem which can be addressed by hiring more beat constables and giving them a lot of software to improve intelligence while their political bosses deal with misplaced outrage all around on Muslim Sensitivities.

8th September 2006 – Malegaon Blasts – Implications : From Mumbai to Malegaon the internal security situation is a shame on his Government.  Be it Muslim children in Malegaon or Hindu Diamond Traders in Mumbai, Terror does not distinguish between them. Conspiracy theories apart, political correctness must make way for the truth.

17th September 2006 Havana Handshake between Manmohan and Musharraf – Nothing has changed internally or externally between July14th and September 14th to justify this wholesale policy shift. Manmohan Singh clearly lacks the moral clarity and the strength of convictions to win the war on terror, a phrase he used on July 12th and has since forgotten. Whether the new shift addresses terrorism or not it definitely amounts to a wholesale embrace of the Musharraf regime of Pakistan. To do so as a quid-pro-quo for the Indo-US Nuclear deal is myopic and will come back to haunt India. The Manmohan Singh Government’s high on rhetoric low on results  flip-flop approach to terrorism has made it clear in black and white to both the Terrorists and to Pakistan that they will never be held accountable for anything, there will never be any price to pay.

22nd September 2006 – Litmus Test for India Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Institutional Mechanism – Manmohan Singh Government has compromised India’s Anti-Terrorism objectives in the naive hopes of a Kashmir settlement. In doing so Manmohan Singh has given credibility to Terrorism and to whose who advocate for root causes of Terrorism. While hoping for American approval for its Nuclear and UN interests, the Manmohan Singh Government has handed Pakistan’s Salami Tactics there biggest victory yet. The Anti-Terrorism Institutional Mechanism is neither about winning the war on terror nor is it institutional. It is a deal sweetener for a major concession coming down the road. It must be rejected until such a time Manmohan Singh Government passes its Litmus Test on Terrorism.

27th September 2006 – Parliament Attack Death Sentence to Afzal – A reminder on why Terrorism is an act of War – The death sentence to Afzal for the December 13th 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament is an important reminder to the Manmohan Singh Government to get its moral bearings right on how to characterize and deal with Terrorism. Unless the Manmohan Singh Government can demonstrate that it understands the difference between general acts of crime and specific acts of War, and has the spine to act accordingly in response to them one cannot take its Pakistan proposals with any credibility.

2nd October 2006 – Pakistan ISI hand in 7-11 Mumbai Blasts – Where is the Prime Minister ? – By reducing India’s Anti-Terrorism strategy to a mere line item in the India Pakistan dialogue the Manmohan Singh Government has reminded us again that the Congress Party lacks the will and the spine to act on terror. The Mumbai Blasts were an act of war against India by elements within the Pakistan Intelligence establishment. The Prime Minister needs to end his silence and speak up on how he intends to respond to this act of war against India. A Foreign Secretary level meeting a month on is unacceptable. If that indeed is how the UPA Government intends to respond against acts of war, it better be honest about it and go on record in the Parliament and  say it in as many words. If it lacks the spine to do so, it must resign

20th October 2006Clemency for Afzal – Should Kashmir Peace Process influence the Presidents Decision ?

6th November 2006Guwahati Bomb Blasts – What is happening in Assam ?

14th November 2006Indo Pak Peace Talks – Why is Siachen and not 7/11 on the agenda ? 

20th December 2006The India Pakistan Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Security

8th Jan 2007ULFA strikes again in Assam – What should the Centre’s strategy be ?

13th Jan 2007The Afzal Time Bomb is Ticking

28th Jan 2007As BMC goes to polls – Why Mumbai must not forget 7-11 ?

19th Feb 2007Terror Strikes Samjhauta Express – Implications

01 March 2007Bill on Communal Violence – Eye on Muslim Vote Bank in Uttar Pradesh

6th March 2007Darth Vader cometh – The Manmohan Singh Regime has shown neither the willingness nor the the ability to fight terror. The PMO’s spin doctors in the media have betrayed the thinking deep down within the Government on preservation of the Musharraf Regime at the cost of national security and fighting terror. One must not be too surprised if the Communists and their left leaning muddleheaded pals in the media in a perverse demonstration of their lop sided world view lobby against American pressure on Pakistan lest it hurt the Musharraf Regime. Here is a topic for the likes of Barkha Dutt to write about – How come not a single terrorist attack in India was a Suicide Bombing while every recent one in Pakistan was ?

22nd March 2007 – Talk of Troop Reduction in Kashmir is a Self Goal for India: The only kind of Demilitarisation India should care about is Demilitarising Politics and Governance in Pakistan

19th May 2007Hyderabad Mecca Masjid Blasts – Some Uncomfortable Questions: The Manmohan Singh Government dismal track record in dealing with terrorism continues. Does the Government atleast have the spine to hold the Clerics accountable for ignoring intelligence ? Do the mainstream media and the left of center psuedo-intellectual artistes have the conviction to justify their perverse value system that is more outraged to protest the elimination of the Taliban, to defend Licentious Art but falls deafeningly silent in response to Islamic Terrorism

6th July 2007We are not apologetic of our choice” – Also sprach Manamohana : Not being apologetic has been the hallmark of the Manmohan Singh lead UPA Administration. It is our solemn commitment to the victims of 7–11 that we will not forget their loss and we will not forgive the unapologetic politicians who did not deliver justice to their loved ones.

6th July 2007Mumbai Blasts First Anniversary – At the Dead End of Justice

8th July 2007Sonia Gandhi’s deafening silence on Mumbai Bomb Blasts

23rd July 2007The help Manmohan sleep campaign: We always knew the Prime Minister was Teflon skinned, little did we know the moral fabric of his conscience was synthetic too. It mutates to cause Insomnia once in a while when someone is branded Terrorist but more often than not it ensures Amnesia after Terrorism strikes. The nation can afford the occasional insomnia on account of terror but not the perennial amnesia on acting on terror.

27th July 2007 – The perverse national interest of the congress

25th August 2007 – Hyderabad Blasts an Unprovoked Act of War

25th August 2007 – All Mass Terrorist Attacks during Congress Rule

26th August 2007 – Correlation between Muslim Appeasement and Attacks of Mass Terror

27th August 2007 – Why Muslims victims of mass terror ?

28th August 2007 – Look who is fomenting terror

29th August 2007 – Look who is fomenting terror – take 2

30th August 2007 – Hyderabad’s worst kept secret

3rd Sept 2007 – Hunt for the Rd X

17th Sept 2007 – Litmus Test for Anti-Terrorism Mechanism Revisited

19th Sept 2007 – How jobless is the Home Minister

19th Oct 2007 – Frankensteinistan

3rd Oct 2007 – Home Minister prays for intelligence

11th Oct 2007 – The Ajmer Sharif Dargah Blast

29th Dec 2007 – 2007 marks Manmohan Singh’s Dysfunctional Governance

31st Dec 2007 – Welcome 2008 saying “NO” to lip service on Anti-Terrorism

6th Feb 2008 – The bogey of Terrorism returns…..

8th Feb 2008 – Congress’ slap in the face to Terror Victims

8th Feb 2008 – Make Terror Victims the face of Anti-Terrorism Campaign : 

If only the Congress focused on turning tables on the Terrorists instead of the BJP the 200 odd victims of 7-11 in Mumbai and the many terror attacks across the nation would today be resting easy with a sense of justice having been served. By making this about a political contest on who has a worse terror record the Congress has insulted the memory of every one of those brave men and women in uniform who shed their blood defending our freedoms and the memory of those deceased law abiding citizens who defied the fear mongering to go on with their way of life despite terror threats. The victims of terror must speak up and demand answers and justice of the Manmohan Singh UPA Government. Tolerating this delinquency would be fatal to the nation.

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