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India’s leader on Saturday set an ambitious 9 percent annual growth target for the economy over the next five years, even as monetary authorities moved to prevent any overheating and asked banks to hike their cash reserves.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told a meeting of top policy makers and elected heads from India’s 25 states that the economy must accelerate expand faster in order to substantially reduce poverty in the country.

The meeting was called to discuss a five-year strategy to accelerate India’s economic expansion from 8 percent a year now to annual average of 9 percent over the next five years.

“This is ambitious but feasible,” Singh said. “There are major constraints that we have to overcome, many of which require difficult policy changes by the federal government and the state government.”

Yes! Size of cake is getting bigger day by day. Indian economy is growing faster than any one expected only 2 days ago Central Statistical Organisation reported that India’s economic growth unexpectedly accelerated to 9.2 percent last quarter. It going to be more stronger in coming years because of purchasing power parity.

“India today offers great opportunities in virtually every sector of the economy, be it infrastructure development, cement, textiles, services or others,” said Anand Rathi, chairman of Anand Rathi, a leading India-based financial-services company. “Thailand, which has strength in agricultural-related goods, can participate in this growth either in the agricultural sector or others.”

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