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Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen on Tuesday expressed regret that children have not gained from India’s economic growth and termed the high incidence of female feticide as a “national calamity”.

Delivering the foundation day lecture of the Institute for Human Development, Sen pointed out the startling contrast between India’s growing economy and its poor record on social indicators. “We still have high incidence of undernourished children,” he said, adding that some states have improved but the country as a whole has not done well.

In response, The Planning Commision said that it would increase its allocation to the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Scheme) but, at the same time, there is urgent need to analyse the effectiveness of the scheme, said Ahluwalia.

“Along with increase in the allocation of funds we need to urgently study the variations in its implimentation and the factors responcible for it,” he said.

A report on survey of the health and well being status of children under six, ‘Focus’ was also released on the occasion

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