Incognito Group: Incognito

CD: Tales From The Beach

Label: Heads Up International

Release Date: June 24, 2008

Incognito has always been know for a fusion of R&B and Jazz rhythms “Tales From The Beach” is no different nor is it a disappointment! This 15 song CD is what we need in the states for this long hot summer I listened to this CD on a 88 degree day with the windows rolled down trying to save gas.

This CD is a throwback to the day when music was not so segmented and repetitive. When the only kind of label we were concerned about was the one who produced the music. I remember an interview I heard with Mr. Bluey of Incognito and he said he was influenced by the music of the 70’s like the elements (Earth, Wind, and Fire) and The Commodores, The Ojay’s E.T.C…..When you hear this CD you hear those influences!

Firmly grounded in music this CD dances across the lines of R&B, Soul, House, and Jazz in this day and age rarely do you find a CD that demands continuous play. There is a song called “When the sun comes down” you can hear the influence of George Duke and Larry Caldwell this song featuring Tony Momrelle on lead vocals this young man has cops. As usual Incognito does not disappoint this is truly driving music a CD you can’t stop listening to. On the steering wheel rating chart I give “Tales From The Beach” 5 out of 6 steering wheels.

Norvell A. Molex Jr.

The Jazz Suite

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