And not just there, either, folks.

“Ulm and its twin city of Neu-Ulm, across the Danube in Bavaria, together have a population of 167,000, of whom 16 percent are “foreign,” according to the cities’ official figures. But that alone would not make the area a likely site of unrest. Germany’s Muslim population, largely of Turkish background, has long shown little inclination to involve itself in radical anti-Western politics, terrorist or otherwise.

What was most hard-line about the Ulm scene, Mr. Köpfer says, arose from a heavy influx of migrants out of Bosnia in the late 1990s, many of them highly politicized. Two centers of radical activity cropped up: in Ulm, an Islamic Information Center, and in Neu-Ulm, a club called Multicultural House that flourished until authorities shut it down in 2005. Mr. Gelowicz (some call him Martin G.) was reportedly an habitué of both.

And radical Muslims began to exert a glamorous gravitational pull on some German youths, German authorities say. In 2003 a local convert calling himself “Hamza” Fischer was killed fighting against Russian troops in Chechnya.

‘They like the clear rules,’ Mr. Köpfer says of the young converts. ‘Many of them are attracted to Islam not as a religion but as an ideology.’ State investigators have 230 preliminary terrorism investigations open, and estimate that 130 of the young Islamists espouse violence.”

Clear rules? How about “thou shall not kill”? I guess that isn’t ideological enough.

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