In the ongoing tense debate between Col. Sarr Lamarana Jallow- Editor Jambang weighs in with questions for Lamarana

In the ongoing tense debate between Col. Sarr Lamarana Jallow
associate editor weighs in with questions for Lamarana
Yankuba Jambang, Associate Editor
I have been following with keen interest the ongoing tense debate between Col. Sam Sarr and Lamarana Jallow.Let’s keep it mellow and move on.However, I have some concerns about the allegations made by Lamarana and I want to have some ‘reality check’ with him on the following:
  • That Suwaibou Conateh of Gambia News and Report Magazine was held at gun point by Sam Sarr to “write a coup statement” for the military junta in July of 1994.Mr.Lamarana Jallow, I am not disputing that Mr. Conateh might have been held at gun point by the junta but, it certainly does not make sense that it was about “write a coup statement”.Anyone of the council members was competent enough to write a good statement.Please clarify this point for the benefit of our readers.
  • On the counter coup allegation to restore former president Jawara you said:”BB was one of those working with Sam on Jawara’s comeback”. And before this you said:”BB was posed to replace Jammeh if his plan materializes”. I really do not understand what you ‘re trying to say because if BB and Sam ‘re about restoring Jawara, how comes BB was to take Jammeh’s position? Was this a conspiracy between BB and Sam to lure Jawara back and put him in cuffs while attempting to kick Jammeh out? Please explain more.
  • Did you ever give some advise to Sam Sarr since you claimed to be his friend? “We used to be good friends”, you said. Good friends advise each other and if your friend was that evil as you try to project him to be, then what sort of friends were you?
  • Freedom editors are not being dictated by anyone.Chongan and Sam express themselves like any other person on freedom and so they are not chasing you out, Mr. Jallow.
Posted on Saturday, May 19, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, May 30, 2007)
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