In the Loop

Its one of the very few movies I have read about that I wanted to see. I am not a movie and never really have been. However, this is a comedy about politics from a clever British writer. I hoped it was not going to be a bash the US fest as many things coming out the like seem to take that line.

Fortunately, like many good satires, it has equal contempt for politicians and politics all over. Its very funny, if a bit sweary, and takes a good poke at modern politics. My first thought was to describe it as Spinal Tap for politics. It has the same level of ludicrous, but believable situations. Anyone with any experience in politics will recognise that they have witnessed such antics, thought probably not all in the space of a very few days.

Politicos, of any ilk from anywhere in the anglosphere will find much to laugh about in this movie. Quite of it will probably strike close to home for anyone with any national politics experience. It was one of the few things that I have seen recently that made me laugh out loud. I doubt I will see anything as funny this year. The cast is perfect and the writing edgy.

In my experience in politics most people don’t swear as much as they do in this film (ie every other word), but that is a minor quibble.

If you get the chance, take the time to watch “In the Loop”, its the best political film for decades. The fact its actually funny biting satire makes it all the more fun.

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