After the unprecedented Mumbai terror attack, every Indian is in search of solutions to prevent such incidents.

While changes in the political guard as well as the national security set up is a starting point and perhaps is necessary, the real solution does nor lie in the resignation of a few ministers. We are also considering strengthening of the Police network, setting up of additional NSG units etc. These are also necessary but not again the real solution.

I would like the public to consider another dimension of the solution by trying to identify the root cause of the problem. Yesterday, NDTV presented the “We The People Programme” and it appears that one of the participants pointed out that quite often you find Pakistani flags flying in Mumbai slums. (NDTV edited this out in the recast of the programme today.)

 The allegation means that there are people around us who have an allegiance to Pakistan more than in India. It is therefore no surprise that the terrorists had support in Mumbai to conduct recce trips, store explosives in advance and plan the attack. It is even possible that during the attack, the terrorists were in touch with people outside and getting news broadcast on TV.

Some of the terrorists who came in for the operation may still be at large in the City and we never know if they are planning another attack.

The real solution therefore lies in enlisting the support of the community in weeding out these rogue elements in India.

The first step therefore is to identify all anti nationals who donot declare an oath of allegiance to India as a nation, and dis-enfranchise them so that their political clout is removed.

If colonies in Mumbai hoist Paksitani flags, the entire colony should be dis-enfranchised.

This move is meant to remove the political power in the hands of anti nationals and to free the politicians from either the fear of losing votes or enable them create vote bank politics with terrorist sympathizers.

So far, whenever such thoughts are expressed in respect of Bangladeshi nationals staying illegally in India, it has been dubbed as “Anti Muslim” and opposed.

We need to understand that this “Dis Enfranchisement of Anti Nationals” is not an anti-muslim drive. It is an “Anti terrorism move”.

 I have no ill will against in Muslim community per-se. But I do oppose the cowardice in the community in not completely coming out against violence as a means of religious fundamentalism. I believe that Koran is being mis interpreted to support Jihad and if the majority of the Muslims have the courage to question the principle of violence and stop providing covert assistance to the terrorists then we may have a solution. I firmly believe that it is in the hands of Muslims itself to retrieve the image of the community and whether they have a place in a civilized democratic society.

I understand that one of the portions edited out by NDTV in the “We The People” version of yesterday was a portion in which a Muslim scholar said that Koran does not support Terrorist activities.

More than the editing of the “Flying of Paksitani Flags in Mumbai”, editing of this anti terror message from a muslim religious leader baffles me.

What is NDTV upto?

Are they not doing disservice to well meaning Muslims who are already in a great minority?

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