I clicked on a link saying “Cola may be bad for women” which pointed out that, in a shocking development, a beverage heavy on caffeine, sugar and carbonation might not be good for people.
    This is every bit as surprising as finding out that eating nothing but oversized fast food for a month might be harmful to your health. Then again, some people have been surprised by the results of “Supersize Me.” 
    Did this country skip out on health education? What is up with being shocked by findings such as this? Anybody with basic intelligence and the ability to use Google can spend ten minutes of research and figure these things out, yet we have people making movies of themselves doing research to show this? Even more embarrassing, the results change people’s minds?
    Someone is going to get very rich developing a website dedicated to revealing the obvious. It is a sad time in our history that we can’t figure these things out for ourselves.
    So in the interest of public service, here are a few other “surprising” tidbits for you:
   Eating lots of greasy food such as most chain pizzas is going to give you heart problems…and that is if you are fortunate.
    Eating large doses of theatre popcorn and not exercising will not lead to a healthy life.
    Participating in Mixed Martial Arts activities leads to a very real risk of serious injury.
    Jumping out of a car at 60 MPH will result in serious pain…if you are fortunate.

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