One thing you always find when you look more closely at historical figures is they were flawed people just like you or me. Take Columbus, for instance.
      The classic picture has been of a heroic man fighting on against all odds to find something he knew would be great despite opposition from all and sundry. Once he discovered the new world he brought peace and happiness to all.
       Of course, the truth was far different. He was not the knight in shining armor. The sad thing is, this is hardly news to anyone who has done even the most cursory investigation of his travels. The same is true of all the explorers. Cortez was a bloody handed murderer, De Soto was probably worse, and so forth.
       Of course, the U.S. has heroes just as flawed. The next time you look at a twenty dollar bill, think of the Andrew Jackson known by the Creeks, Choctaws, Cherokees, and the other “Civilized Tribes”. It was under and because of Jackson that the Trail of Tears took place. It was a shameful period in our history when, largely through his deceitful and devastating practices the largest land grabs in U.S. history took place, almost universally at the expense of the most “civilized” tibes in the world.
     If you look closely at how “heroes” accomplished what they did you might think twice about calling anyone a hero.

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