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In this moment of epiphany Offstumped Stock Tip of the Day:

As an all pervasive flood of guilt overwhelms the Left of Center Mainstream Media and Political Parties, an outbreak of Insomnia and Amnesia is imminent. This outbreak will soon assume epidemic proportions if Gujarat votes back the Narendra Modi led BJP Government. So BUY …….

The Supreme Court has directed the Maharashtra government to file an affidavit giving details of the cases registered against those involved in the 1992-93 communal riots in Mumbai and those discharged from the cases without any action taken against them. Pronouncing orders on Wednesday in a PIL filed in 1998 by Action Committee for Implementation of Srikrishna Commission Report and others, a three-judge bench comprising Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, Justice R.V. Raveendran and Justice Dalveer Bhandari, also asked the petitioners to file affidavits in six weeks indicating the major lapses and inconsistencies in the state’s action taken report, viz. cases not registered against the indicted officials, public prosecutors not appointed, cases not conducted properly, etc. The SC’s orders come in the wake of the sentencing last week and this week on the 1993 Mumbai blasts case as well as the convictions in the 1998 Coimbatore blasts case.

The timing of these events is no by means a coincidence if one were to go by the op-ed pieces in the mainstream media and talk shows on 24×7 news channels all of which smack of a concerted campaign from the left lead by none other than Teesta Seetalvaad.

As Offstumped took a close look at these op-ed pieces and TV Debates it was a moment of epiphany.

Well let me explain.

 We to the Right routinely chastise the Left of Center media, the Congress and the Communist Parties for their lack of Intellectual Clarity and Moral Certitude when it comes to defining issues of National Interest. But then we don’t always get to the roots of what makes the Left think like the Left.

What is at the heart of all of this confusion that the Left betrays in its intellectual positions on issues of national interest ?

Why is it that the Left incapable of drawing moral distinctions when it comes to issues of national interest ?

Well looking at these op-ed pieces and TV debates, Offstumped had a moment of epiphany and now it is all crystal clear.

We to the Right when confronted with a contentious issue are able to demonstrate that clarity that certitude because we are driven by sound principles that hold individual freedom and national interest as paramount. But that is not so with the Left.

The Left, this moment of epiphany reveals, is driven not by principles but by guilt.

Let us take a moment to fully fathom this.

The Left when confronted with contentious issues does not ask itself if its position would not diminish individual freedom or diminish national interest.

Instead the Left asks itself how can it take a position and not feel guilty about it ?

So the epiphany is

On any given issue the Left’s positions tread a path that leaves it feeling the least guilty

Consider this op-ed by Sagarika Ghosh in the Hindustan Times, and experience the overwhelming flood of guilt

There is a certain chilling predictability about the list of convicts, a dreadful Orwellian litany of sameness….

What are the names of those who will die? Among others, Memon, Turk, Tarani, Shaikh, Mukadam, Ghansar, Malik, Pawle, and Khan

What are the names of those who will serve life terms with RI? Among others, Shaikh, Khairulla, Qureshi, Memon, Rehman and Kadar

Muslim after Muslim has stepped up to be convicted and sentenced. Soon India’s jails will be choc-a-block with Muslims

There is not a shred of sympathy, no trace of introspection, no question of benefit of doubt given to any of the accused in the court of public opinion

The guilty are Muslims, after all

As Muslim after Muslim has walked to his death, as ‘terrorist’ after ‘terrorist’ has been taken away for life, what about the Hindu mobs and Hindu police officers who were named and indicted by the Justice Srikrishna Commission

So aren’t those Hindu rioters too not ‘terrorists’ and shouldn’t they too face the same law as Muslim ‘terrorists’?

If that was not enough consider the subject of this CNN IBN debate also hosted by Sagarika Ghosh which poses these questions

Law of the land differs for different communities?

Does the law discriminate between riot and blast accused?

If that is not enough, consider these columns to experience the all pervasive guilt flowing from the sentencing in the Mumbai Blasts case in the Indian Express and other newspapers with titles ranging from

In the end no closure ?

The unpunished crime ?

Why no action against Hindu rioters ?

Cause and effect ?

Mumbai’s festering wound

It is just nauseating to see this outpouring of guilt that seeks to communalize the judicial process. It is foolish of us to expect the Left in this country to have the spine to deal with acts of terror for what they are without drawing dangerous parallels and dubious moral equivalences.

So an emotionally overwhelmed Left burdened by a deep guilt complex poses the question

How can we convict and sentence so many Muslims without convicting and sentencing as many Hindus, where is the equity, where is the social justice ?

It is this same sense of guilt that prompted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to lose sleep over the Haneef episode.

Offstumped Bottomline:

By seeking to draw dangerous parallels between Terrorist Attacks which are “Acts of War” and Riots which are “Incidents of Break Down of Law and Order”, the Left once again reminds us why it can never be trusted to safeguard the National Interest.

By attempting to draw a moral equivalence between Terrorists who waged war against Indians of all hues and normally law abiding citizens who indulged in acts of violence incited by a mob hysteria, the Left once again reminds it is incapable of dealing with the scourge of Terrorism.

This Nation’s Response to Terror must be guided by National Interest alone and not by overwhelming emotions of guilt.

Every breakdown of law and order must be dealt with firmly and the guilty prosecuted but we don’t need closure on every such breakdown to muster the moral certitude to deal with Terrorism.

To demand moral equivalence in responses to either is not only dangerous but compromises the clarity and the certitude with which the Judiciary must act.

To frame the debate on responses to either along religious identities is nothing short of an attempt to communalize the Judiciary.


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